Brian Moore, Global QSR | Fast Casual | FMCG Executive Search specialist

C-Suite Executive Search across Asia Pacific since 1993, based in Singapore, Hong Kong & Australia

If you're a QSR, Fast Casual or FMCG employer, who is looking to recruit a C-Suite executive (CEO or direct report of the CEO: Head of Operations, Finance, Human Resources, Marketing, Business Development, Sales, Supply Chain, etc.) at a Global, Asia Pacific, Greater China, South-East Asia, or Country level in Asia Pacific and the position offers a base salary of at least US$200,000 per annum, then contact Brian Moore.

Brian Moore has specialised in the recruitment of C-Suite executives (CEO and direct reports of the CEO - Heads of Finance, Human Resources, Business Development, Marketing, Sales, Operations, Supply Chain, etc.) since 1993, predominantly across Hong Kong, Singapore, China and Australia, for both multinational corporations and local Asian companies. He has also successfully completed searches in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Laos, Papua New Guinea and New Caledonia.

With his wealth of experience in placing C-Suite executives throughout Asia Pacific, Brian knows that when he performs a retained executive search for you, you will receive the 3 things you're looking for: peace of mind; a trusted partner; and a quality C-Suite executive to join your team. It's as simple as that.

Employers trust Brian Moore as their retained Executive Search partner throughout Asia Pacific, because they appreciate his deep and trusted access to senior executive talent across the region and around the world. They also like the fact that his 22 years in the industry have been personally based in Hong Kong (1997-2001), Australia (1993-97 & 2002-10) and since 2010 in Singapore.

Brian's C-Suite talent network is broad, deep and active. He has carefully crafted this network since 1993 and maintains contact across the globe, spanning Asia Pacific (APAC), USA & Canada, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Latin America (LATAM), and Europe Middle East Africa (EMEA).

Brian appreciates what a 'retainer' means - it means that the employer is trusting him with their money in advance of a successful outcome. Brian doesn't take that trust lightly - he doesn't rest until the successful outcome is delivered and that's why his retained clients stick with him. They also value the fact that they can always deal with him directly. If an employer is not based in the same country as Brian, and requests a face to face meeting with him, Brian can either fly to the employer's country to meet, or conduct a video conference over Skype. Brian also stays in close contact via phone, SMS and email.

During a retained search, Brian keeps you constantly informed of who he's speaking with and each candidate's progress in the market, highlighting any foreseeable risks which may impact on your ability to attract them. Brian is an expert in helping both the employer and shortlisted candidates manage the hiring process, so to avoid unnecessary delays that may put a potential hire at risk.

Brian can reference check the candidates (with their permission), negotiate their employment contract, and continue to work closely with them and you to ensure that everyone is, and remains, happy.

Employers also benefit from Brian Moore periodically making them aware of C-Suite talent (US$200,000 base salaries and above) in their industry and giving them every opportunity to meet with and ultimately hire the talent before their competitors do. These candidates can disappear from the 'available list' very quickly, so employers know that they have to move quickly to attract them. 

Brian proactively represents these C-Suite executives to companies of their choosing. The benefit to you as an employer, is that you are regularly offered the opportunity to meet with excellent quality candidates who have genuinely requested a meeting with you, all on a 100% no obligation basis. Many opportunistic hires are made this way, particularly in highly competitive and fast paced industry sectors.

To discuss or initiate your next Executive Search assignment, simply contact Brian Moore on +65 9795 6511, at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or Skype ID: BrianMooreExecutiveSearch. 

Career Management (Personal Agent)

There's also an additional angle to Brian Moore Executive Search, that C-Suite executives around the world find unique, ground breaking, refreshing and worth investing in.

As an Executive Search specialist since 1993, based in Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia, the most common complaint Brian hears from C-Suite job seekers is this: 

When C-Suite executives enter the job market in search of a new role, they feel that Executive Search firms act solely in the interests of the employer. The search consultant is their 'best friend' during the search assignment process, but once the process is over and they have missed out on getting the job, they suddenly feel forgotten about by the recruiter. They are left to languish on the Executive Search firm's database until the next relevant opportunity comes along, which in many cases is not for a long time, if ever.

cfoasia These C-Suite executives say, "If only there was a recruiter out there who would act in my best interests, and be my personal agent in the marketplace." 

This practice is prevalent in the sports and entertainment industry. Most of us have seen the movie classic, Jerry Maguire, where Tom Cruise plays the part of sports agent, Jerry Maguire. Jerry's philosophy in that incredibly cut-throat industry is all about 'personal attention' whilst his key client, Rod Tidwell, has a favourite saying - "Show me the money."

This practice didn't exist in the Executive Search industry until Brian Moore Executive Search launched the service in 1999. In 2005, CFO Asia magazine (an Economist Group publication) ran a story on Brian Moore, which you can read here (Download PDF)

Enjoy your journey through the website, then contact Brian today to start working together.